Wide-eyed in the World

Do you remember when you were this old?

If you say yes, you’re lying.  You have to be.  Because this is the age (we’re talking a few months here) where everything is overwhelmingly new, and strange, and scary, and bright, and….so much so that we have no choice but to take it in and leave the processing for some distant unfathomable future.  Obviously, if you’ve ever spent time around children, you know this can be a wonderful place- or the worst place you’ve ever been.

But that’s what’s great about children- they live in the moment.  Time is just an abstraction to them.  If you’re reading this you know it’s real, though, and more than likely your sense of wonder and ability to be here now has become the abstraction.  I tell myself the important thing to remember is we have a choice between humility and hubris.  Sure we grow up, or not, and think we know a lot about the world and our responsibilities in it, but it’s a pretty big and complex place.  So much so that if every once in awhile you don’t find yourself wide-eyed in it, you have to ask yourself whether you’re living at all.


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