Don’t take my advice.

I shot Katie and Nic’s wedding this past weekend in Sisters, Oregon.  She’s a dear friend and I really appreciated her letting me be a part of her special day, despite giving her terrible advice at one point a couple years ago.  See, they met while in the Peace Corps in Guatemala and one day I received an anguished email from her while she was there, explaining how she had met this guy and didn’t know if she wanted to get really serious with him.  Of course, I told her to ditch the dude and live free!!  THAT’s why she was there!!!  Well, it’s a damn good thing she didn’t listen to me.  They’re a great couple.

Anyway, I just started going through the photos and already this is one of my favorites.  I think it has some kind of old-timey feel to it that I like.  And Katie’s just a character, too.

They couldn’t have had better weather or a more beautiful day all around.  And that’s saying a lot because come late September in Oregon, you never know what you’re gonna get.  It turned out perfectly, though.  More to come soon…

Congratulations you two!!


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