Here’s another image from Katie and Nic’s wedding.  This is right before their first look.  I love how Katie sneaked up from behind and really made him wait.  It was pretty funny actually.  At some point, I was wondering if she was ever going to come around in front of him, but it turned out she was waiting for my direction!

Unfortunately, the title of this post isn’t just about this shot.  Other things have been going on that aren’t as warm and fuzzy as Katie and Nic’s beautiful wedding.  The first being that my monitor burned out last week!  I paid over $600 for a 26″ Dell monitor and it only lasted me four years.  Can you believe that?  I was pretty devastated about the whole thing.  I spend so much time on this computer that having to go back to a small 10-year-old CRT monitor really sucks.  After researching online, I found it’s a common problem for this monitor and it would cost almost as much to fix as buying a new one so….yeah, the new one is on its way.  And it’s not a Dell.  Never again.

So yeah, here’s to anticipation!


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