More than meets the eye.

Do you know what you’re looking at here?  That, my friends, is a 1st Generation Optimus Prime straight outta the mid-80s.  After years of having a box labeled “transformers” in the basement, I’m finally getting rid of them; them meaning 10 or so.  But I have some good ones.  Besides OP, I have Megatron, Soundwave (remember the tape player and the little cassettes that turn into raptors? Sweet!), the Porsche…whatever it’s called…..Thunderstreak, and a few others.

I’m in the process of photographing them but the lighting has been challenging, mainly due to its size and my limited space.

So the top photo’s a pretty basic look, but it still took 3 speedlights to make-  one gridded straight over OP giving some rim light on his head and shoulders, a small soft box camera right for the fill, and a hand held I experimented with to see if I could reduce background shadows on the white seamless. Hence, the more than meets the eye heading.

This one’s a little more interesting, I think.  I went wide but used the same three lights… just moved the soft box straight over the rear of the trailer (and creating that less than desirable hot spot at the top center of the photo), and used the hand held with a snoot to focus some light right on his more-than-meets-the eyes.

Anyway, if you or any nerd you know collects these things, let me know and we can work out a deal.  I’ll have a class photo showing all the ones I’m selling soon.  But do your homework because they’re worth some scratch!

Oh, and I have the original boxes for all of them, too 🙂


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