Meet Mija.  She’s the executive director of the Material Exchange Center for Community Arts, or MECCA for short.  It’s a non-profit with the goal of “diverting scrap materials from the waste stream and into the creative endeavors of our community.”  Pretty cool, right?  I think it’s obvious from the photos that Mija is a pretty awesome person, too.

I shot Mija at MECCA’s main store.  I liked the idea of showing her in the middle of all that stuff, or materials I should say, because her position really does put her at the center of a lot of activities relating to art and artists in the community.  I think the session went well.  But I’m realizing how essential an assistant is for shoots like this.  I was running back and forth like a chicken with its head cut off adjusting the lighting.  Having an assistant would have made things soooo much easier.

Anyway, stop by the store and check out what MECCA has to offer….materials, workshops, classes….they do a lot of good work and I really appreciate Mija letting me come in to capture her in all her beautiful glory.

Here’s a couple more…


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