2012: The year of correct color profiles!

Starting off the year with a little note about color profiles.  They’re a pretty mysterious, yet extremely important part of displaying digital images.  So much so that you’d think a photographer would have a good handle on them, but that’s not always the case.  Ever heard the term ‘gearhead’?  Well, I’m not one of those.  And sometimes it bites me in the arse.

I recently realized I haven’t always been using the correct color profiles for my images on this here bloggy blog.  If you’re using Firefox as your tool du jour for the complete interweb experience, you probably haven’t noticed.  But if you’re using, say, Google Chrome (or your smart phone!), you might think I’m a pretty shitty photographer, or at least color blind, because the colors you’re seeing look dull and lifeless, and the tonality is just way off.  I don’t know what it is, but not all browsers use the same color profile recognition.  I could bore you by explaining the differences between  sRGB, ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB, etc. if I actually knew what they were…something about color gamut ranges blah, blah, blah….but the fact is it’s my fault I haven’t been using the correct one for the broadest and most pleasant web browsing experience (which is straight up sRGB if you’re wondering…I think.  :))  Hey, I’m learning!

If you care to try it, open up this page in Chrome or on your smart phone and view these two images.

You should immediately notice a difference in color between the two.  Unfortunately, many of my images on this blog have looked like this to a few people who use Chrome.  I’m not sure what other browsers use or don’t use the same color profile recognition as Firefox, but I feel bad for those who’ve had to view the images this way.

The good news is I have it worked out and now they should all look to you the way they look to me.  Cheers to that!

And here are a few more shots from this session with another good buddy of mine and his beautiful burgeoning family.


One response to “2012: The year of correct color profiles!

  1. great pictures, Marc!

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