Wall of Light

(Click for a larger version)

A photo like this is where Facebook really fails.  It’s dark and noisy (with film we’d call it grainy) and the compression FB uses on the photos just makes it look pretty bad.  I’m hoping it’s a little better on the blog.  And I guess I’ll take advantage and say a little something about it, because it’s not everyday you’re camping on the Colorado and get a shot like this.  Because I definitely didn’t bring flashes with that much wattage!

Timing is everything as they say.  Learned that lesson the hard way (again) recently regarding a photo job- didn’t get it because I was out of town.  But anyway, yeah, we were camping next to the river enjoying the stars on what was a typical dark, dark night in the desert when all of a sudden we started seeing the canyon just light up.  We really didn’t know what was going on, but soon enough we could see what looked to be like a tour jeep with a couple huge lights mounted on it.  And that’s all really.  I scrambled to get my camera and luckily pulled off two shots before the jeep rolled along its way.  Hope you like!

Oh, and I thought this one was kinda cool, too.  That’s what you call lounging!


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