We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Road Trip Post….

Copyright 2015 Marc Allen Mintz

Copyright 2015 Marc Allen Mintz

Well, I ran into my real first setback on the trip…….my laptop died.  It started acting weird in southern Illinois and randomly shut down during a backup to an external hard drive.  After a couple days of random shutdowns it died for good.  Luckily, and for the first time in my life for anything, I bought the extended warranty (aka, Apple Care).  It’s already paid for itself.  But I have to say, I’ve had PCs my whole adult life and never had to take a computer in for repair.  I’ve had the MBP for a little over a year and have had to take it in twice already.  Even though it contributes to an overall better workflow for me, I’m not too pleased about the need for repairs, warranty or not.

I’ve had two subsequent setbacks since.  I ended up putting my external backup drive through the washing machine.  Turns out I was the one I had to worry about when I decided to keep it “safe” in my laundry.  Still in a bag of rice drying out so we’ll see.  The other is more minor- I missed delivery of my fixed laptop this morning so everything is still on hold until later.  It’ll be interesting to see if a) they had to wipe my hard drive to repair it (they were informed I had a full backup), and b) if they did wipe it, will my backup work after drying out?  Either way, I still have all my raw files from this trip on my camera card, and I have backups for everything else back in Phoenix.  I’ll just have to re-process a bunch of photos down the road.

In the meantime enjoy this sunrise from a past road trip through New Mexico and White Sands National Monument.  Be back in action soon!


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