LOOPE (Long Overdue Online Portfolio Edit)

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.35.55 AM

It’s been a long time coming….

Editing my portfolio is a killer: mainly of time, but more discouragingly, of confidence.  It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into the trap of showing work you think potential clients might like, rather than the work I already know I like.  And in striving to please the unknowable ‘other’, I’m quick to the conclusion I don’t ever have enough to show.  It may or may not be the case anyways, but making this journey alone can be a fool’s errand; I’ve never sought, nor received, critical feedback of my work.

It’s a common refrain, though, that personal work is more often than not the work potential clients gravitate towards.  But when I’ve yet to really establish myself and my client base this idea becomes impossible to believe, mainly because I spend so much time looking at the work of others wondering why mine might not be as “good”.  And then I end up showing too much work as a way to compensate.  While I haven’t sought out critical review of my work, like many creatives I consider myself to be my own worst critic.  So there’s that.  And it makes the portfolio edit maddening all the same.

Well, I finally got help.

Over the past year I’d been hearing good things here and there about an up and coming consultancy called Pedro + Jackie.  I’d explored a few others, one larger firm as well, but I liked the idea of a smaller outfit; two people to be exact.  Peter Dennen handles the editing/marketing end of things and his business partner, Jackie Ney, the production side.

The short of it is I reached out to Peter and over the past three months we’ve come up with a completely brand spanking new collection of images for my online portfolio.

Most of that time was on my end figuring out what images to include in my initial submission to Peter.  It was SO daunting for me to sit down and comb through my archives.  The constant worry was “do I have good enough and enough good material?”  Still arguable.  But I’m really happy to say the new edit excites me.  That’s huge.

Most of the stuff I showed previously was what I considered my “best” work, i.e., the stuff I thought people should see to know I’m a proficient enough photographer.  But the most exciting, and revealing, part of Peter’s edit is that so many of the images he chose were images that I’d relegated to showing through more informal channels like this blog or my Facebook page.  In other words, the images that are most “me” are the ones I’ve had the least confidence in showing as such.  So to have these images selected by someone with as much experience as Peter is a huge validation.  And I’m typically not the kind of egomani..er…person who needs a lot of validation.

Huge thanks to Peter for the help.  Next up: print portfolio!

Click here to check out the website in all its newly assembled glory.

Side note:  Writing a bio still sucks. 😉


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