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Full Circle


Copyright 2014 Marc Allen Mintz | David Povey, RARE Founder

I started the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) program at a pivotal point in my life in 2006.  Desperately needing to experience something different than my cushy 9 to 5 cube and suburban “dream”, I left it all behind and posted up in the great northwest.  Along with 20 or so others who all had their own interesting pre-RARE stories, I began 11 months of volunteer service supporting rural Oregon communities.  I’ve never regretted it for a second.   Continue reading



alex (1)

Copyright 2014 Marc Allen Mintz | One of my earliest and favorite portraits.

My earliest memory of Alex is at Troy’s house.  We were auditioning a drummer, Alex’s little brother Chris, for our new nameless and singer-less band.  It was Troy and I on guitars, our friend Russ on bass, and we were hoping Chris would soon be joining us on drums.  Continue reading

The Only Moustache I’ll Never Shave

Gibson SJ-150

Copyright 2014 Marc Allen Mintz


Copyright 2013 Marc Allen Mintz

Copyright 2013 Marc Allen Mintz

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You Wanna Jam?

Copyright 2013 Marc Allen MIntz

Copyright 2013 Marc Allen MIntz

I’ve been waiting to take this photo of Tom for about five months….

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The Great Farmer Debate of Super Bowl 2013

Copyright 2013 Marc Allen Mintz

Copyright 2013 Marc Allen Mintz

Did you catch it?  Forget Beyonce and the unflattering photos of her that went viral.  I’m talking about the Super Bowl commercial that has everyone talking.  Continue reading

From Boy to Man

©2012 Marc Allen Mintz

©2012 Marc Allen Mintz

©2012 Marc Allen Mintz

A Tale of Three Crops


Yesterday, I shot and posted this on my facebook page.  It’s a simple image of my dad lounging after working all day in the yard, as it were (because here in this part of Arizona most yards are made out of rock).  Anyway, Iiving in Eugene, Oregon has really made me appreciate nice weather this time of year and I thought this photo kinda captured that.  It’s January 3, 80 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky.  Awesome. Continue reading


Sometimes it’s just fun to play.

Here we have my Fender jazz bass and I (or at least my outline) lit by a Petzl headlamp.  Basically, I’m opening up the shutter and ‘painting’ with the light.  Pretty simple.  And a lot of fun!  If your camera has a ‘bulb’ setting or if it allows you to take a really long exposure, turn off the lights, open it up, get a light, and get to painting!!  You’ll be pretty impressed with what you come up with.