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Roller Derby!


Copyright 2012 Marc Allen Mintz

I mentioned it a couple posts ago, but I haven’t shared any derby photos yet.  The time has come! Continue reading


Inside the knockdown dragout sport of….Bowls!

Copyright 2012 Marc Allen Mintz
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The focus….the intensity….the stamina, sweat, and style….the sweetness of victory…and the soul-stripping agony of defeat.  This ain’t your average playing with your sag…er…weighted balls.  This is the knockdown dragout sport of Bowls.  Otherwise known as……lawn bowling.

Beware, what I’m about to share with you may be disturbing to the faint of heart.  🙂 Continue reading

2012: The year of correct color profiles!

Starting off the year with a little note about color profiles.  They’re a pretty mysterious, yet extremely important part of displaying digital images.  So much so that you’d think a photographer would have a good handle on them, but that’s not always the case.  Ever heard the term ‘gearhead’?  Well, I’m not one of those.  And sometimes it bites me in the arse. Continue reading