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Perseids Peak


Copyright 2016 Marc Allen Mintz

I’ve been wanting to photograph this nearby faux-palm cell tower.  It’s in a big barren field between housing developments, and I’ve just been drawn to it because it looks so out of place.  Perseids peak seemed like a good opportunity to mix said tower with what they said would be an awesome shower, some estimating 200-300 meteors an hour!

Not much to say except, due to light pollution, the hyped-up intensity was anticlimactic for us city folk.  I saw a couple of good ones for sure, bright and long, but it’s kinda hit or miss out there when you’re trying to catch them in a frame.  Several times the ones I did see came in-between exposures, of course.  I was only out there for a little while, from 2:30-3:30am, so this is the ONE frame I got that actually shows a meteor.

One good thing about the Perseids is that, for now, you can bet you’ll get another shot next year.

Random side note:  “Perseids Peak” is the name of the second album I recorded under My American Myth.  Now that I have a photo to go along with it, you can listen to the title track here 🙂