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Perseids Peak


Copyright 2016 Marc Allen Mintz

I’ve been wanting to photograph this nearby faux-palm cell tower.  It’s in a big barren field between housing developments, and I’ve just been drawn to it because it looks so out of place.  Perseids peak seemed like a good opportunity to mix said tower with what they said would be an awesome shower, some estimating 200-300 meteors an hour!

Not much to say except, due to light pollution, the hyped-up intensity was anticlimactic for us city folk.  I saw a couple of good ones for sure, bright and long, but it’s kinda hit or miss out there when you’re trying to catch them in a frame.  Several times the ones I did see came in-between exposures, of course.  I was only out there for a little while, from 2:30-3:30am, so this is the ONE frame I got that actually shows a meteor.

One good thing about the Perseids is that, for now, you can bet you’ll get another shot next year.

Random side note:  “Perseids Peak” is the name of the second album I recorded under My American Myth.  Now that I have a photo to go along with it, you can listen to the title track here 🙂




Copyright 2015 Marc Allen Mintz

You ever wonder what it’s like to chase a rainbow through the sky?

Click here to find out!

Float On


Copyright 2015 Marc Allen Mintz

Hard enough for some guys to get the nerve to ask her in the first place, and then you decide to make the vows in a wicker basket a few thousand feet in the air?!  You’re setting the bar pretty “high” Bill.  Glad to be a part of it!! Continue reading

Up, Up, and…


Copyright 2015 Marc Allen MIntz

Not quite ready to lift off yet, but this is going to be a good story….

Some Great Ass at Lake Pleasant

Copyright 2014 Marc Allen Mintz

Copyright 2014 Marc Allen Mintz

Realized it’s been awhile since I’ve shared anything.  Truth is, I’m in the middle of a re-branding effort….settling on a new logo, business cards, promos, etc…..and it’s really driving me crazy.  Thought I’d settled on something recently, but after an initial bust run of cards, I decided to change it up…again.  It’s unnerving and you want to be 100% sure when you’re about to drop a ton of cash on something that’s going to “represent” you for a long time to come (or at least as long as the collateral lasts).  I’m getting there, though.  Anyway…  Continue reading

Ride the Lightning


Copyright 2014 Marc Allen Mintz

Summer monsoons mean spectacular lightning shows!   Continue reading

Roller Derby!


Copyright 2012 Marc Allen Mintz

I mentioned it a couple posts ago, but I haven’t shared any derby photos yet.  The time has come! Continue reading

I would like to see….


Copyright 2012 Marc Allen Mintz

…just how they string the lights up this thing.  🙂

In any case, happy holidays from the great southwest!

Structural Revelation

Copyright 2012 Marc Allen Mintz
(Click for larger view)

Copyright 2012 Marc Allen Mintz

I was driving through a recently developed suburb today, saw these dead cacti, and stopped to take a couple photos.  But I had no idea this is what I would find!

The Kids Are Alright

Copyright 2012 Marc Allen Mintz

Oh, to be young and in love.  🙂

Ben and Talisa (hope I’m spelling that right) stopped by uncle Troy and Aunt Jen’s house on their way up to Portland.  They’ve been on the road from Phoenix where they met at Arizona State studying architecture.  After a year of working “real” jobs, they’ve both decided to take the plunge into grad school where they’ll be studying even more architecture at the University of Oregon’s PDX campus.  (Choose your allegiance wisely Ben and Talisa…go Ducks!)

I find this so inspiring and I really wanted to capture what is really a monumental time in these kids’ lives.

Best of luck you two!  (And prepare for a looong winter 😉 )