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Black Clouds Hide Blue Skies

Copyright 2015 Marc Allen Mintz

Copyright 2015 Marc Allen Mintz

I left Phoenix on Tuesday with a plan to camp in Monument Valley that evening. The road was looking good and I was excited to finally get going….until this happened:   Continue reading


The Great American Road Trip

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 9.55.50 AM

Finally!  Been wanting to do this for years.

This is the general route I’ll be taking.  I’m sure there’ll be some wandering, particularly in the NE.  Heading out tomorrow morning.  There’s a side trip (by air) to Alaska once I get in the NW.  Back in Phoenix in late September.  I’ll try to update regularly.

And for anyone wondering why I’m completely skipping the south….well, that’s just an excuse for another epic trip!

See you on the road!